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Compression Ice Boots have a unique self contained Gel Pack that supplies optimal cooling tothe horses leg.x

The compression Boot is designed to put
the Gel Pack close to the skin for more
even cooling.


Cold Therapy Benefits:


double blue dotsPre & Post
spacerEvent Therapy

double blue dotsRehabilitation

double blue dotsReduces inflammation

double blue dotsSoft tissue injuries

double blue dotsPost surgery

double blue dotsPain relief

double blue dotsShortens recovery time

double blue dotsArthritic joints


  Compression Horse
  Hock and Tendon Horse Gel

Available in Tendon, Hock, Hoof, Back and Knee
Tendon Ice Boots Hock Compression Hoof Compression Knee Ice Boot Back Ice Pack
Tendon Ice Boots Hock Boot Hoof Compression Knee Boot Back Ice Pack

Gel Packs Available in
Tendon, Hock, and Back
Tendon Gel Pack Hock Gel Packs Back Gel Packs
Gell Pad Tendon Gel Pack Hock Gel Pack for Horses back Brace Pad

Cold Therapy applications:

Single Blue DotFreeze the gel packs for at least 6 hrs or overnight , before using the first time.

Single Blue DotAfter application , re- freeze for at least 2 hrs before re-using.

Single Blue DotSmooth Gel pack, place in the compression boot. Fasten to leg, open valve, attach pump and pump 8-12 times. Close the valve and detach tube.

Single Blue DotCan be used wet or dry.

Single Blue DotAfter 20 minutes open valve and remove.

Single Blue DotIt is recommended to have extra gel packs if using on multiple horses.

Most Products we sell are shipped by USPS Priority Service at $15.00 each